Welcome to the Shopudio

You will not find the word "shopudio" in the dictionary. So what is it? The structure includes a woodworking and carving shop for John on the lower floor and an art studio for Beth on the upper floor. Working mostly in the acrylic medium, Beth paints horses, people and other animals such as birds and dogs as well as seascapes and shoreline scenes. John builds furniture but most of his shop activity involves the construction of boxes made of driftwood, spalted wood and the bark of red maple trees. He also forms small pendants out of fossil mammoth ivory.

The Shopudio is predominantly solar heated, employing the heat storage pad technology used in passive solar houses constructed by Don Roscoe, solar builder. However, because there are no large windows to provide the solar heat gain, a large solar collector, extending across the top of the structure, is used instead. In keeping with the solar theme, much of the lighting in both the shop and studio is natural, using skylights.

Both Beth and John belong to the Peggys Cove Area Festival of the Arts and participate in the annual studio tour in July. Beth displays her art twice a year in shows sponsored the painting groups to which she belongs. The latest work of both Beth and John can also be seen at the Shopudio, which is open “By chance or Appointment”.

Shop + Studio = Shopudio


site updated April 2019